oPictures of Chinese Embroidery of Suzhou

Chinese Silk Embroidery at SILVER-CATu

In the Chinese silk embroidery of Suzhou the embroiderers employ around forty different embroidery stitches. Looking at examples of Chinese silk embroidery from Suzhou, you can’t help but wonder which they’ve used to create the perfectly flat horizontal slats of wood on the Crane Building or the wooden carvings of animals’ heads on the roof. These and many other examples of Chinese silk embroidery can be viewed through the picture of the Silver Cat below. The muted and life-like colours of Chinese silk embroidery from Suzhou can be seen in the stunning Baby Cranes in the Pine Trees. This subtlety is very much a characteristic of quality Chinese embroidery in silk from Suzhou.

SUZHOU Silk Embroidery

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Picture of Silk embroidery from Suzhou: Persian Cat